Each piece of art not only looks unique and intriguing to the eye, but it comes with a story of its own. You see, each sculpture is handcrafted from a little piece of history.

 They are made from old cutlery, forgotten spoons and forks that could potentially have travelled the seven seas, fed the starving through the depression, or created kitchen masterpieces! In fact, when creating some pieces, Lewis and Suzanne Alessandro founders and creators of Cutlery Creations, can smell the aromas of dishes past, cooked and enjoyed many years ago.

 How many pieces of art do you know of that can literally transport you through time.

 The mantra of Cutlery Creations is to explore and discover pieces of our past and turn them into something that we can enjoy today.

From Australiana sculptures, to insects and sea creatures, you will never look at your cutlery the same way again.

 Lewis has a marvellous way of combining his two passions history and nature, to provide you with a truly one of a kind sculpture that will stand the test of time.


Cutlery Creations offers a unique innovative upcycled approach to DECORATION.

We take into account individual styles & personalities of the animals, insects & creatures we re-create.

Please note that imperfections are not a fault but a reflection of the item being handmade from recycled materials giving them individual characteristics.

A protective coating has been applied to all our sculptures and gifts so they DO NOT NEED REPOLISHING!


Our techniques' are broad and have been developed over 30 years of experience. 

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